Saturday, April 11, 2009

Franz Ferdinand - Bite Hard

The journey to Kilmarnock last night to watch Fast and Furious was very enjoyable and lots of fun.

Leaving at 6pm I arrived home for 2am. In between those times I had KFC, watched a film, wandered round Asda/Tesco, helped Vicki when her exhaust fell off minutes from home and NEIL F'n Diamond dancing in the car :)

Today (Saturday) the sun is shinging gloriously and I'm just back from Specsavers. That's me signed up for contact lenses until forever, or until my money runs out in the account I specified.

I'm out tonight and so is Gayle from Specsavers, in her pyjamas for a friends birthday...that'll be awesome to see.

First race of the Moto GP calendar tomorrow woop woop

anyhoo, here's the song